More Free Android Apps than iPhone Apps

If you’re shopping for a new phone and can’t actually decide on what kind of phone to choose, taking a look at the available applications may just do the trick.  Many mobile phone users are after the applications that can be installed in the device.  For one, the applications take the phone on a whole new level which widens its range and functionality.

Surprisingly, when it comes to available applications, Android phones take the top spot.  More applications were developed using the Android platform and the best part about it is the fact that it is free.   To date, there are 134, 342 applications for Android that can be downloaded from Android Market without charge.

Its competitor iPhone developed by Apple has taken the next spot.  It has 121,845 free applications that can be downloaded from its App Store.

Despite the larger number of free applications offered by Android phones, Apple’s App Store still has the most number of applications (free or paid). In fact, Android’s applications are just a third of Apple’s.  Apple retains such status despite the slow development of its applications as compared to other application stores.

So, if you’re a person looking for more than call and text function in a phone and would love to download applications without worrying about charges, you know what choice to make.


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